The Heart of Home


He asked if he could die on her porch…but instead he brought hope for new life.

The Hope of Christmas Past


When a mysterious painting offers her a trip to the past, will Isla find new hope for her future?

Chapters of Life


A collection of short stores ranging from the suspenseful to the humorous from the creative mind of Alexis Boman. 

Caught in the Middle


2061 - When Sutton James is selected for an internship at the USDA under one of the most important engineers in America, she never suspects she’ll be caught up in a national crisis.



Social outsider Patrick Rudiman wants nothing more than to have at least one friend.  But when Delilah jokingly says she loves him, Patrick begins to blur the lines between friendship and full blown obsession. 



Farah wants to learn to live a normal life, but after receiving an alarming letter and discovering evidence from several murders in her apartment, Farah has to put her dreams on hold. 

I Am John Doe


A horrific dream sends John into a panic. Everyone says it’s no big deal, but he knows that it was more than his imagination. What’s real and what’s not in a world where everything is off?

Crossing Borders


Ramona and Esperanza want to start an organization to protect to the rights of all griffins, no matter their clan or status.